Lawn Care
Proffesional Quality Maintenence Services
We know keeping up on your property can be tedious and time consuming. With over 30 years experience in the business, our trained proffesionals are here to help! Our team members treat each lawn as if it were their very own. We take pride in our company name and will stop at nothing to go above and beyond to give your lawn the attention, detail, and pampering it deserves. We pride ourselves in our customer relations and satisfaction, and assure you that both an English and Spanish speaking representative will always be present on the job. Our promise to you is that you can expect nothing less than a well maintined and manicured lawn that feels fresh and full of vibrancy week after week. You can rest assured knowing that your property is in the best hands!

Weekly Lawn Care
We understand it can be tough keeping your property maintanined and looking in top notch shape. That's why we are here to help! Using only the best proffesional grade commercial equipment our skilled team will keep your lawn looking fresh, defined, and manicured.

Weekly Maintence Includes:
• Mowing grass
• Trimming and defining of bed and curb edges
• Removal of sticks, branches, and other unsightful debris
• Weed control

Trimming And Pruning
The possibilities are limitless when it comes to the way shrubs, hedges, and trees can be shaped and sculpted. It also takes a trained eye and a bit of imagination to transform any wild mess into a tamed and gorgeous spectacle. Allow our proffesionals to breathe new life into your shrubs and give your property the character it deserves!

Trimming And Pruning Services Include:
• Shaping of shrubs and hedges
• Pruning of trees and removal of dead branches (to promote healthier growth)
• Limbing up trees and cutting back overhang of woodlines
• Tree removal and clearing (please inquire for options)

Spring & Fall Cleanups
Leaves can be such a hassle, especially in densely wooded properties. Our high performance blowers can have your proprty rid of leaves in no time! We can even have them completely removed using our transportable vacuum system. After the winter has taken its toll, we will return in spring to remove any excess leaves, clean plow damage, remove fallen branches, and get your lawn prepped for the year!

Spring & Fall Cleanups Include:
• Blowing off leaves and removal from premises if needed
• Cutting back plants (such as perrennials)
• Removal of sticks and branches
• Edging and preparation of beds (bushes may also be trimmed per request)

Mulch • Hydraulically Air-Blown Application! •
Generally recommended immediately following spring cleanups, mulch adds that final touch needed to make your beds really pop! It also helps to bring out accents already present, by giving beds a uniformed look. At L. Warren Landscaping we use a cutting edge technology when it comes to mulch application. Our hydraulically operated BARK BLOWER literally "blows" mulch into the bed. This allows for a smooth, proffesional finish and also saves the customer, you,  on excess costs due to mulch unevenly being spread by shovel and wheelbarrow. The results are absolutely astonishing! You will have to see it to believe it!

Mulching Includes:
• Proffessional air-blown application of mulch
• We offer a variety of mulches from timber colors or natural root mulch to 100% organic Sweet Peet. Please do not hesitate to ask us about your options. Our goal is to find you the perfect type to transform your beds into showpieces!